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10,000+ custom sourced
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experience peace of mind on your imported orders. we take the stress of importing off of your shoulders!

In concert with our experienced staff, our China office, and partners around the world, BamBams has established strong relationships with more than 100 fully vetted factories. This gives us the advantage of sourcing and producing custom products not featured in our catalog. Our experience in managing over 100,000 imported orders can give you peace of mind that we will fulfill your order as you expect. Let us know what you need and we will provide a fast quote and competitive pricing within 24 hours. Browse through our website and take a look at all of our products that we have available. Click on the “Quick Quote” button and fill out the form for a custom quote and we will provide a response within 24 hours.


Our experienced representatives have years of experience and understand the demands and expectations of our customers and work to develop solutions that address the complex challenges that are inherent in most custom import orders. Throughout the sourcing, production, and delivery stages, Account Executives partner directly with clients to form a consistent, dedicated contact point of communication. Since BamBams is an American company, communication is timely and specific to each client’s project and needs. Our goal is to provide an accurate quotation on most projects within 24 to 48 hours and we boast a 24-hour response policy on any inquiry, so clients are never left waiting on information.


The BamBams production department consists of both Sourcing and Project Management teams. Our Sourcing team utilizes their extensive knowledge of the Chinese manufacturing industry to provide fast and accurate pricing and production quotations. Our Sourcing team specializes by key product types allowing for better insight into the intricacies of the various products our clients seek and stronger factory direct partnerships. Our structure translates to orders produced and delivered the way our customers need. Our Project Managers are located both in our U.S. office and our China office, bridging the gap between the market and factory.


Our logistics team in our own Chinese Trading Company brings extensive expertise in air, ocean, and inland shipping as well as managing projects though the customs process. Drawing from a network of vessel and air providers, we offer tracking visibility and quick responses to transportation questions. Should clients desire to have their product delivered to the door, need short-term warehousing or fulfillment services, BamBams can coordinate this seamlessly with a variety of experienced providers. Our knowledge of duty rates is not only helpful in pricing import products, but our expertise on custom requirements and processes can assist you in designing your product to minimize aggravating and costly delays at port.


BamBams primary mission is to serve clients in an honest and transparent way. Our management team brings talent, experience, expertise, and commitment to reinforce your decision to make BamBams your trusted import partner. Our manufacturing partners are vetted to ensure that we source from factories with the highest standards of quality and good practices; including production quality, on-time delivery, and proper work environments, showing respect to their employees. With our wholly owned subsidiary located in China, our employees manage all aspects of the supply chain. We mitigate your risk by managing your project from beginning to end, sourcing the product(s), the financial management of the project, overseeing quality control, the export and import processes, and shipping to the final destination.


We reduce your risk of importing through an extensive product development process, product testing protocol, and quality control program. Our China team conducts both inline and final inspections on every project we produce. They also evaluate existing and potential new manufacturing partners on a regular basis. BamBams works directly with independent testing labs to certify product safety and compliance with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSIA) standards and Proposition 65 requirements. You can rest assured that your product is compliant amid the maze of new and ever-changing safety regulations.